Perfectly Romantic and Vintage Wedding in Mestrovic Museum

Wow what a couple! What a wedding! Wow and what a location! Classical meets rustic all on it’s own.

Just try to visualize pictures of a stunning bride surrounded by colors that would harmoniously underline this unique setting and her wedding dress with rustical theme in the courtyard of this famous museum and this amazing real wedding ….The Wedding which will totally blow you away.

Ancient pillars in the background with millennium heritage city just behind the corner is just one piece in this puzzle.

The green leafs, white walls and pillars under the summer blue sky with whole natural setup which finished with naked wedding cake, lightly dusted with icing sugar and decorated with flowers and foliage at the end….Delicouse!

Great summer vibes all over here!

Classical meets natural.

Simple, cousy, organic and elegant.

Live, Love, Aloha!

Galerija Mestrovic Split Vjencanje
Wedding Mestrovic Museum
Ivan Mestrovic galerija Vjencanje
Galerija Mestrovic Split Vjencanje