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Hi! My name is Mario

and I am wedding and elopement photographer, living between the best kitesurf spots in Croatia! Many things define my work, most of them related to my personality as headstrong optimist always searching for new challenges and ways to capture emotion, love being the most unique one of them. To be able to meet so many beautiful people in the most intimate moments of their lives and to witness love makes me grateful. My photos reflect me personally, my life and the place where I am from.

KiteSurf wedding photographer

Laughter, joyfull presence, and the shared experiences weave a narrative that adds depth and meaning to our lives.

Moments, those ephemeral fragments of time, are the jewels of our journey. From the quiet simplicity of a sunrise to the jubilant chaos of celebrations, these moments encapsulate the essence of life. They are the snapshots that, when strung together, create the narrative of our unique and personal story.

Emotions, the vibrant hues of the human experience, are the brushstrokes that paint the canvas of our lives. Love, joy, sorrow, and everything in between – these emotions are the heartbeat of our existence. They're the melodies that accompany our highs and lows, making the journey richer and more profound.

Boho elopement Croatia wedding photographer
Elopement Croatia wedding photographer
Beach elopement Split Croatia photographer
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Celebrate your wedding in a way that's authentically you. Surround yourself with loved ones, embrace your true self, and let your fun and quirky personality shine. This is a day to do the things that bring you joy, to laugh unabashedly, to savor each kiss, and to embrace every heartfelt hug. It's a celebration of love, individuality, and the moments that truly matter.